The Grove AcademyIt really does take a village to raise a child
October 9 2019


Chris Kelly

Every half term, the children will write a fiction and non-fiction text, as well as be exposed to poetry.

In Writing, we aim to:

  • expose children to a wide range of text types each year
  • encourage writing across the curriculum, particularly when the children write non-fiction texts
  • give the children a purpose to write
  • encourage children to edit and improve their writing
  • instill a love for writing

Our writing cycle is split into 3 main phases:

  1. Immersion – this allows children to become familiar with the purpose, audience and features of that genre.
  2. Imitation – this allows the children to change elements and write their own version of the text taught.
  3. Innovation – children are invited to be creative and let their imagination ‘run free’ during this phase.

This year, we have adapted the cycle to focus on sentence structure and boundaries to compensate for the time away from school since March.

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