Each half term, children in Years 1-6 write one fiction & one non-fiction text and are exposed to poetry. The text types the children explore, in each year group, can be found on our website here.  

As a school, we:  

  • Teach children to write a wide range of text types each year  
  • Encourage writing across the curriculum, particularly when the children write non-fiction texts  
  • Give the children a purpose to write  
  • Support children to effectively edit and improve their writing  
  • Instil a love for writing  

Our writing cycle is split into 3 main stages and is bespoke, influenced by a number of schemes and adapted to the needs of our children:   

  • Stage 1 – this allows children to become familiar with the purpose, audience and features of that genre. It may also involve drama or sequencing to ensure the pupils are immersed in the WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like). 
  • Stage 2 – this allows the children to change elements of the WAGOLL and/or write a class version of the text being taught. In this stage, children are taught grammar and punctuation concepts and complete a ‘shared write’.  
  • Stage 3 – the final stage allows the children to be creative and let their imagination ‘run free’, using everything they have learned over the course of the unit.