Aspire Pupil Parliament Day

On Monday 25th March, Hammond Academy Assistant Principal, Mr Beach, hosted our first ever Pupil Parliament Day at the Aspire Central Services offices.

The aim of the Pupil Parliament is to bring together children from all 6 schools to share ideas, discuss their schools and involve them in the development and progression of the Trust. The children highlighted some key roles of a Pupil Parliament Rep; to help other schools, someone to talk to about ideas, think of learning opportunities to entertain all age groups, represent the school, lead assembly and raise money for charity.

All children got involved in a variety of different activities on launch day, and enjoyed meeting pupils from other schools. They had a tour of Hammond Academy, met with Aspire CEO Vicky Parsey, they sampled the new school menu and had a feedback session with our Executive Principal, Karen Cohen.

One of the focuses for the day was to put together a plan for the Aspire Pupil Parliament moving forwards. This involved understanding what Aspire means to the children and looking at the best bits about their own schools/what could be developed.

It was lovely to hear directly from the children about their thoughts on the Trust and their schools.

We have lovely children and staff…We work hard and keep trying…We work together across our schools in the trust.

They also discussed the type of Trust events that they would like to be part of in the future.

Aspire University…Trust sports day…A big science fair.

The Pupil Parliament Reps have already said that in the Summer Term they would like the next meeting to be a visit to all six schools, so they can complete surveys and get some pupil voice. We look forward to hearing how they get on.

Overall the day was a huge success and we want to thank Mr Beach from Hammond Academy for planning the event, Miss Ayre from Knutsford Primary Academy and Mr Douglas from Bovingdon Primary Academy for accompanying the children on the day.