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October 9 2019


Chris Kelly

Science – Mrs Creith:

I am very excited to be the Science lead at The Grove Academy. My role is to support the delivery of the Science curriculum and create a sense of awe and wonder about such a fascinating subject that we use and see around us everyday.  Each child has the right to explore their environment by asking questions about the world in which we live.

My vision is to see that each child has a natural curiosity about our world, with some looking to continue to experiment and contribute to research in the future.  I would like all children to leave our school with a sound knowledge of how the world works, and making connections to help them continue to learn about the world.

Science at The Grove Academy is taught and explored in an exciting and fun way. We aim to develop and broaden the children’s scientific skills through child-led investigations and discovery. An emphasis is placed on ‘working scientifically’ through inspirational and engaging activities. We teach knowledge and skills sequentially and, through the acquisition of a rich and extensive vocabulary, pupils will be able to articulate and apply their learning, taking it to deeper levels and making great progress in order to reach their full potential.

At The Grove, we have high expectations in relation to spoken language and collaborative learning during Science lessons. This is because it helps develop scientific vocabulary and enables children to share and develop their ideas. The progression of scientific skills and knowledge is mapped out in our Science overviews. These illustrate: our vision for Science, key vocabulary, scientists, prior knowledge, national curriculum objectives, age-related expectations, learning intentions, communicating scientifically as well as the different strands of Science within each unit. Children being curious and inquisitive are encouraged and celebrated.

Predictions and using prior knowledge or evidence is scaffolded to enable children to develop their own hypotheses and build connections from prior learning. The Social Learning skills are fundamental to our pupils and go hand-in-hand with Science. We take a holistic approach to teaching and learning; we know that a large proportion of our pupils are lacking in key social and emotional competences they will need to be successful learners and members of society and we are highly committed to meeting these needs. We offer the broadest possible range of experiences and opportunities, which challenge, engage and inspire and which prepare pupils well for the next stage of their learning and for society.

Children are encouraged to explore and investigate their local environment. We are fortunate to have our own woodland area, where children can study plants and animal life at first hand. We ensure that learning is relevant to the children’s social contexts and relates to real life experiences. Learning is meaningful and informed by research and reflection, constantly evolving so that it we meet our pupils’ needs. I am Creative. I can overcome Challenge. I am Confident. We are Team Players.

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