The Grove AcademyIt really does take a village to raise a child
October 9 2019


Chris Kelly

Reading is split into three elements: decoding, language comprehension and reading comprehension. From Nursery to the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2), the focus is on the teaching of Phonics and teaching the children to decode.

Having said that, comprehension skills are introduced and taught in Year 1 and this continues in Year 2. As the children enter Year 3, the focus is upon the teaching of reading comprehension and the skills required to successfully comprehend a text (including retrieval, inference, understanding the meaning of words in context etc.)

The children are exposed to a different skill each week are then taught how to use that skill and answer questions based upon that skill. Language comprehension is taught throughout the children’s time at school – this involves being exposed to a range of vocabulary and being able to understand this and use it in different contexts.

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