At The Grove Academy, we aim to:

  • teach engaging Maths lessons daily
  • use a wide range of resources to support and engage the children
  • develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving

We use the Hertfordshire scheme ‘Essential Maths’ to plan the sequence of lessons. The sequences have been designed in a way which allows learning to be built upon step by step, sequence by sequence and year on year. Each learning sequence is adapted by teachers to meet the needs of each individual class. This year, the whole scheme has been adapted to allow for the missed learning due to the school closure in March.

You can support your child’s learning by:

  • discussing with them what they have learned at school
  • showing an interest in their homework (once this has been provided)
  • counting forwards and backwards with your child
  • helping them to learn their times tables
  • supporting them to tell the time
  • talking about Maths as it occurs in everyday life, for example when shopping or cooking

NEW! Watch our first Mathemagician video to learn how to subtract using the column method, with exchanging.