Learning Offer

Our school vision and values pervade our learning offer at The Grove Academy. We follow the National Curriculum, ensuring that there is clear progression of both knowledge and skills across the curriculum from Early Years through to Year 6. More detail about each subject can be found here. You will also be able to find yearly overviews, outlining the context and themes for each year group, here.  

We have high ambitions for every pupil: to achieve the very best that they can, without limitation. Staff work hard to ensure that the curriculum is carefully designed and adapted to support all pupils to access learning.  We know that a proportion of our pupils are lacking in key social and emotional competences, they will need to be successful learners and members of society, and we are highly committed to meeting these needs. 

We teach knowledge and skills sequentially and, through the acquisition of a rich and extensive vocabulary, pupils will be able to articulate and apply their learning. Vocabulary spines are being developed across many subjects including: History, Geography (Humanities), Science, Art and DT. This will ensure that all pupils develop their understanding of key vocabulary across the curriculum.  

We offer the broadest possible range of experiences and opportunities, which challenge, engage and inspire and which prepare pupils well for the next stage of their learning and for society. We endeavour for learning to be relevant to the children’s social context and relate to real life experiences. Staff CPD centres around improving the skillset of teachers and is research informed – ensuring staff are up to date and knowledgeable on the most effective teaching and learning strategies.

We want every pupil at The Grove Academy to experience a learning offer that excites and inspires them to achieve the best possible outcomes, teaches them how to be effective learners and provides a rich catalogue of unforgettable learning experiences, preparing them well for the next stage of their education.