Aspire Green Day 2024

Last week, the Eco-leaders from each of our schools gathered together at Bovingdon Primary Academy for the annual ‘Aspire Green Day’.

Building on the success of the inaugural event last year, it was another brilliant day. The learners got involved with a variety of engaging educational activities and enjoyed the outdoor learning experience.

The day’s activities included:
Making Bird Feeders: Learners crafted bird feeders, providing essential food for local wildlife
Planters from Yoghurt Pots: Creativity flowed as our learners repurposed yoghurt pots into beautiful planters for sunflower seeds, contributing to a brighter and greener environment.
Making Seedbombs: Hands got messy in the best way possible as learners made seed bombs to help spread wildflowers.

I really liked the quiz and learned so much about how we can be more eco-friendly.

Tasmia from The Grove Academy

I loved the scavenger hunt, it was really fun

Beren from Knutsford Primary Academy

The event concluded with everyone making personal pledges to keep our planet healthy, reinforcing the day’s lessons and their commitment to sustainability.

We extend our thanks to all the staff who brought our learners together for this special day. A very special thank you goes to Mrs. Williams at Bovingdon, whose organisation and creativity made the day a memorable and impactful experience for all of our Aspire learners.

We look forward to seeing the lasting impact of this event as our learners continue to lead the way in eco-friendly initiatives throughout our schools and communities.

Thank you once again to everyone who made the Aspire Green Day a success.