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Support Videos

Videos to support your child's learning.

Have you ever wanted to know good effective methods which you can teach your child to increase their skills and knowledge? Have you ever wanted to take methods taught in school and apply them at home? These videos are an easy way for you to learn these effective methods used within our classrooms or for your child to even go through them and extend their learning all by themselves.

These videos have been created to support your child’s learning. It is crucial for pupils to focus on key areas of learning and to reflect on these areas in their own time and at their own pace. With the help of these videos and of course through repetition, these effective methods will become second nature to your child. To view these videos, please click on your year below:


  • Nursery  - (no videos available)

  • Reception - (no videos available)

  • Year 1 - (no videos available)

  • Year 2 - (4 videos available)

  • Year 3 - (no videos available)

  • Year 4 - (no videos available)

  • Year 5 - (no videos available)

  • Year 6 - (no videos available)